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Serving farmers, gardeners and landscape contractors since 1972.

Ohio Earth Food was founded in 1972 after observing the benefits of farming with natural fertilizers and being concerned with the effects of conventional / chemical farming on the environment and human health. Over the years, we have added to our line of all natural, proprietary fertilizers to include potting soil, soil amendments, pest controls, animal feed supplements and other organic products of the finest quality and proven performance for gardens, lawns and farms.

A leader of sustainable agriculture, our goal is to aid farmers and gardeners produce good, healthy food and plants, as well as improve the quality of the soil and the environment. As we have expanded into other related areas such as organic lawn and turf care, we continue to strive to help make our land safe for future generations.

Quantity Prices (ton lots or more) and Truckload Prices available upon request.

All prices F.O.B. Hartville, Ohio, and are subject to change without notice.

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Organic products for lawn, garden, farm and commercial use.
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